It was in the beginning of March 2016, just a few days after my arrival in Marburg. I was standing in Mensa, student’s building and looking over the town at the castle on the hill. It was raining cats and dogs literally from the day when I first came to Marburg. “I should choose Lisbon” was the most spoken sentence by me. Lisbon was my second choice but at the end, I decided I want to improve my German language skills to the top level. Damn, was I optimistic.

In the very last minute, I crossed over Düsseldorf and wrote Marburg an der Lahn on my Erasmus application. I moved from Slovenian Maribor to German Maribor. Pathetic.

Marburg is a medieval city that lays 100 kilometers from Frankfurt. It’s a university city where everybody lives for famous Philipps University. The city with 70 thousand inhabitants is in a heart of German state Hessen and it used to be its capital for a while.

Overlooking the old city center Oberstadt, lies a castle from 11th century. Trust me when I say, this is where the time has stopped. No matter how many times I went to the castle or to drink a cup of coffee on the main square I had the feeling I traveled a few centuries back in the past.

Before leaving for Erasmus I got a bunch of information about the city but no one mentioned that is always raining in Marburg. You get used to it quickly but, you know … One Monday morning, I gathered all my motivation to go to a very boring lecture on a very strange subject that I already knew I won’t pass. But then sunny weather suddenly changed to rain while I was on the bus. “I should choose Lisbon,” sure I was without the umbrella. I managed to escape to the building where I’ve realized that this subject is obviously not for me, so I, completely wet turn on my feet and decided to go home. When I stepped on the street, Marburg is already lightened up by the sun so I made my mind and turn left to the Rudolphsplatz, and from there to the Lahntreppen, where I found a buddy for Monday’s coffee.

And my wish for Lisbon is already forgotten.




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