I was living in Marburg for about a month when the semester has begun. Most of my lectures were canceled in the first week and my Russian course was the first I should attend. There was I, a little bit lost, with navigation on my phone searching a building where lectures were held.

In that moment, I realized the real meaning of “other cities have universities, Marburg is a university”, a sentence told by tutors nonstop during the orientation program. My navigation guides me to a building that looks like an old family house. I was afraid to enter, but it was said we could skip the class only 4 times if we want to get the credits. I haven’t had many choices.

Honestly, everything and everyone in Marburg is somehow connected to the first Protestant university in the world, established 1527 by Philip I. Brothers Grimm and Russian physics Lomonosov and even philosopher Cohn studied here. And now me.

There are more than 25 thousand students at the university, about 10% of them are foreign. There’s a big problem with shortages of classrooms. It’s nothing new when lectures are held all around the city in various buildings. Sometimes that could be a bit of a problem when you must come from one lecture to another one on the opposite part of the city. But somehow you always made it.

It’s good taken care for foreign students. From personal experiences, I could say that they found a solution for every problem I came up with. A great thing is also so-called semester ticket which you purchase at the beginning of semester and then use it for public transportation around German state Hessen.

My life in Marburg really push me from my comfort zone, so I grabbed the hook and entered the building. It showed that navigation was right. That was the place for my Russian 101, that was held in German.



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