I checked “accommodation provided by international office” on my Erasmus application but till the very last day, I didn’t know where my place under the Marburg’s sun will be. Or how much will I pay for that luxury?

On the white envelope was written Christian-Wolff-Haus, Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse 111 and I knew it as soon as I saw the expression on my German tutor.

I stepped out of the van and saw the building in which I’m going to stay, for the first time. I thought to myself, “here died the socialism”. The kitchen on the first floor was a bad joke and the fact that I was paying 200€ for the little room was just painful.

Christian Wolff was a German philosopher who studied at PUM and the university really honored him. I was more obsessed with overweight, black and white, four legs Christian, who laid on the orange sofa and have gave me a little bit of cat’s love from time to time.

It’s hard to find a cheap accommodation in a city like Marburg. There are three locations, from which is CWH the cheapest but a lot farther away than the most popular complex Studentendorf. The third one is Werda, which is literally on the end of the world. A private accommodation in three bedrooms apartment in Oberstadt would cost me around 400€ per month so I made peace with the fact I’ll stay in CWH.

Room 126, without the internet, with the ugliest curtains I’ve ever seen and with a nice view to tree crochet became my home. I soon became really at home there. Maybe there is even my nickname engraved on the door, who knows.

The kitchen became a place where I met new people on a daily basis because the security of the buildings didn’t exist. I fast gained a habit of hiding food before of any big parties in a pub downstairs. Just in case if any drunk hungry people would come by.

CWH had a lot of mistakes that would be discovered if fire expectation would pay a visit, but quietly I started liking that place. Mostly because of people who lived there. I still remember saying “We are home” after a long day trip that went completely and my friend reaction: “Girl, you just called Christian Wolff Haus!”

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