When I first visited Frankfurt I didn’t imagine that in few years I’ll be sitting in the McDonalds at the main train station at six in the morning and drinking extremely expensive and totally disguised coffee. This is how I was starting my semester abroad.

Still in bad mood from lack of sleep because I spent most of my more than ten hours bus drive talking with a guy who indeed looked like a fan of FC Crvena Zvijezda, and whom I would in different scenario avoid in big circle (but at the end he showed to be really sweet, educated and with good taste for Yugo music), and really tired of my extremely heavy suitcase that was becoming heavier and heavier, waiting for the second bus to take me to my final destination.

Frankly, not even at second try, we didn’t become any more of a fan of one another. Or even at third try. It was Friday night when I attended an event called Luminale, where I ate flam for the very first time and damn, was I disappointed.

But soon Frankfurt became a great escape from the small romantic city of Marburg, where you could easily get tired of meeting the same people all over the day.

City at river Main was established by Romans and is today, thanks to its skyscrapers, called also Mainhattan. It is the biggest city in the German state of Hessen and German’s fifth biggest city. It has nine skyscrapers taller than 150 meters, including the highest skyscraper in Europe, the Commerzbank Tower. It is not exactly a typical tourist town, but it has quite some wonderful historical places that need to be visited once in Frankfurt. From iconic, semi-wooden houses in the old city center, which are on every postcard from Frankfurt, and the Church of St. Paul, which is also a historical German monument, to Goethe’s birth house, a botanical garden Palmengarten and the ZOO. From the bridge over the river is a a stunning view of the skyscrapers in the distance and of boats that lazy cruise down the Main.

A good quarter of all inhabitants are international, so it’s not surprising that when I was returning from the Luminale, I heard part of the conversation “… a onda ja joj kažem …, which became the first domestic words I’ve heard in Germany.

Sure it has a rich history, but for me it somehow this cool international city that never sleeps and is constantly exceeding the time. The high skyscrapers and streets full of the businessmen who are negotiating on the phone during smoking, have became a symbol of a place where the air smells of new opportunities, ambition and money. And when you finally succeed and you have enough of money, city offers you a place where you can spend it on your own accord. This is the shopping promenade Zeil, street surrounded by shops on both sides. And it is also a place were I realize that look at Gucci’s bag lying on the floor and people stepping on it, could break your heart.

Frankfurt will never get a title my favorite city, but for now it has the title of the only place where I did not manage to understand underground’s system, so I rather walked on foot.

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