After five months in Germany, filled with excursions to the nearby and distant surroundings between weekends, and sometimes even instead of lectures, the last trip arrived. The last trip before my friends move back home and I go on my first ever solo trip to Denmark, for which I didn’t even know if I would it survive.

Our travel goal that Sunday was Koblenz in German state Rhineland-Palatinate, a city at the confluence of Rhine and Moselle with approximately 100 thousand inhabitants. It was, like most of my days in Germany, raining, so we first stopped at the Stolzenfels Castle, a lovely white sugar cube on the left bank of the River Rhine. I’m sure there is a better way to the castle, but after we left the bus, we selected the nearest forest trail and after thirty minutes of piercing through the underground, we arrived at the last minute at the guided tour of the castle, where, according to my appearance, I was classified to German-speaking group. Strongly in doubt, this was a compliment, I, with a shy “Leider nicht. Und ich spreche Deutsch Sehr schlecht!!!” lastly only won a place in the English-speaking group.

I certainly don’t remember who were the owners of the castle through the history. The most exciting data for me was the fact that the equipment is all original. Ohh, and the view from the castle over the river! Despite the fog and the gloomy rain, it was wonderful. But by far the most beautiful were the castle gardens. I have already visited a lot of castles, palaces, and villas across Europe and I can say that the gardens of the Castle Stolzenfels have been ranked on the second place on my garden’s list, immediately behind the gardens of Villa d’Este near Rome and in front of the Versailles gardens.

We could use the longest cable car in Germany, but we simply couldn’t afford this luxury (Erasmus students). That is why we used a bus back to the city, and then walked all the way to the famous German Corner or to the point where the river Rhine and the river Moselle meet. There is a huge statue of William the First, the first German Emperor, and an amazing view of boats and cruisers quietly passing by.

In just a few hours we saw all the main attractions of this cute little town. We even wander around the museum of modern art Deutschherrenhaus. On our way back to the railway we finally seat down near one of the more interesting fountains I have ever seen, to talk about the memories we’ve made in past five months.

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