Copenhagen was never on my bucket list. I was never interested in Denmark, all I knew about it was that is flat. I was never so into Denmark to wake up at 4 in the morning just to go on three hours long train ride to Cologne airport. Honestly, Denmark never interested me at all, why would I go there alone?

But this was exactly what was I doing. I woke up in a rainy night, grabbed my almost empty bag and locked the room that was not even mine. Officially my Erasmus was already over and I should leave Germany a long time ago.

When I stepped out of the house, Marburg again showed its real face, it was raining cats and dogs.

In my head, I was going through my travel plan over and over again. City bus to the central train station on the other side of the city and then the direct train to Giessen. From there another train to Siegen and then the last train to the airport. What would happen if one of those trains is going to be late I didn’t want to know.

There was only PLAN A: At the end of my Erasmus, I am going on my first solo travel. PLAN B didn’t exist. If I miss one train, I miss the plane.

Half a day later I landed in Copenhagen. I’ve realized then: “Denmark is flat!”


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