Michael Schumacher Exhibition in Marburg an der Lahn

If you are one of 2 million Slovenes, as I am, some things are you just in your genes. Every Sunday while you’re eating a traditional beef soup, TV in the living room is turn on and  during winter you watch ski jumping, during the rest of the year Formula 1.

Even though he has left F1, one of mine childhood memories included the voice of legendary slovenian commentator Milan Alešić nervously commenting the race while our little family is eating the second course of our Sunday’s meal.

I was never the biggest Formula 1 fan, but somehow I always knew who is racing for which team and, as the rest of the population, admired one and only, German racer Michael Schumacher. On my surprise, soon after moving to Marburg, I noticed that exhibition about his racing career is held in Dr. Reinfried Pohl Zentrum für Vermögensberatung. As soon as my sister, who was always way more into F1 as me, came for a visit we went to check out the exhibition.

The exhibition is free and I’m sure that even the most demanding fans will be satisfied with over 70 exhibits, including three F1 cars! You can also see exclusive exhibits from Michael Schumacher’s private possessions that were never before seen in public. It’s divided into 7 areas after his seven World Championship titles. You can really feel how extraordinary was his racing career with 155 podium places, 91, yes 90-fri*king-1 Grand Prix victories, and 7 world champions titles.

While I was scrolling around the exhibition place it felt so funny knowing that just 10 years ago I was, while eating my very Slovenian Sunday’s lunch dessert, Apfelstrudel, watched him winning race after race after race I have never imagine that someday I’ll be standing in front of his racing suit.

Once something is passion, the motivation is there

At the end of our visit, I didn’t see him as an competitive perfectionist but as someone who really lives for racing and as somebody who knows how to enjoy life to the fullest without any fear. Regardless how his story will end, he taught us that when you find your passion you will find the meaning of your life.

Address and additional information:

Dr. Reinfried Pohl Zentrum für Vermögensberatung

Anneliese Pohl Allee 3, 35037 Marburg

Monday – Sunday: From 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Phone: 06421 – 3871 566
Email: zvb-marburg@dvag.com

Michael Schumacher Exhibition

Models of Michael Schumacher F1 racing cars



Caps of Micheal Schumacher through years



Racing suits and helmets

Michael Schumacher Exhibition

Mercedes AMG PETRONAS racing car

Trophy cups





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