"UNTIL THE NEXT TIME IN BRATISLAVA!" After listening to a very friendly Spanish receptionist about her latest trip to my country's capital city, Bratislava, and after me telling her she should come back to my country's capital city Bratislava again soon, I hit the streets of Copenhagen. It was just us, me and Copenhagen. Noone else to travel with me, argue where to go, what to visit, or where to eat.


"ICH SPRECHE DEUTSCH SEHR SCHLECHT!!!" After five months in Germany, filled with excursions to the nearby and distant surroundings between weekends, and sometimes even instead of lectures, the last trip arrived. The last trip before my friends move back home and I go on my first ever solo trip to Denmark, for which I didn't even know if I would it survive.


"THE SADDEST AND THE MOST MOVING PIECE OF STONE IN THE WORLD" In Germany, there is a small sea of travel agencies that constantly organize excursions for students. Thanks to the low price for the offer they have, I found myself on the weekend excursion "Rhine Waterfalls - Lucerne - Zurich". These are the types of excursions where the tours are intense and you get to known places very briefly. It should be expected that the trip will not be luxurious and it may even be slightly painful.